I am happy to welcome you to the Israeli Robotics Conference.

Herzliya, Israel's High Tech Capital, is proud to host this conference and is the natural place for it to convene.

Herzlia is an internationally recognized center of excellence and innovation.

We are already home to many multi-national companies and are expecting to welcome many more.

In Herzliya, robotics, the industry of the future, will benefit from a wondrous tapestry of  entrepreneurship, cutting edge technology, industry, finance, commerce, tourism, leisure and world  class education, which will embrace the robotics industry and enable it to thrive and prosper.

We envision a robotics industrial park that will complement our high tech park and serve as a home to the world's leading robotics companies.

We wish you an enriching and stimulating conference in Herzliya, the robotics center of the future.

Mr. Moshe Padlon
Mayor, Herzliya